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What are the risks involved?

Simply put, your risk is getting your property back. Although this has not happened for easyapartmentsell.com acquisitions, it is important you understand what your recourse would be. You would keep all down payment and property improvements.

Is easyapartmentsell.com the actual buyer?

Although title and ownership will be taken in a separate LLC for best business practices, the principal ownership and management is the same. So yes, and if we cannot purchase your property, we have additional selling solutions for you in which we assist in finding a suitable buyer for your apartments.

Do I need an attorney?

We recommend that you contact a real estate attorney for any legal advice you may need. We further recommend you use an attorney that specializes in the practice of real estate law and or Estate planning. We are happy to speak directly with your real estate and estate planning attorney. The closing attorney can answer any legal questions you have regarding the transaction or structure but cannot give personal legal advice. This is because the closing attorney represents neither the buyer or the seller, only the transaction. If you need assistance in finding a local attorney that specials in real estate and Estate Planning, please ask your easyapartmentsell.com consultant.

Does easyapartmentsell.com hold a license?

Yes, the owners at easyapartmentsell.com are licensed and only work with state licensed certified brokers.

Can you deposit the monthly payment directly into my bank account?

Yes, this can be set up at the time of closing or any time thereafter through the 3rd party escrow company.

What makes easyapartmentsell.com better than the rest?

Although service during the sale is important, performance after the sale is why we are the rock-solid choice. easyapartmentsell.com is an affiliate company of Extant Co. This means your real property collateral is protected by our in-house, experienced property management team. Superior service starts with our full-time financial department and carries through our professional maintenance team. We have the experience and resources to keep properties rented and in great condition, which means safety and security for you.


Freedom through cash flow.


Minimize taxes and maximize profits.


Professional property management services.
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