Selling Options

Minimize tax and keep monthly cash flow or take all cash now. We have an option for you!

It was really nice to be able to sell both of the buildings and be done. The fact that we did not have to pay any real estate commission was a huge bonus.

Kim and Ray R.

We have a variety of solutions for people looking to sell a single piece of real estate or entire portfolios.

I talked to my accountant and knew I could save a lot of tax if I sold on a contract and Tyler was the right buyer that could buy the 3 buildings. He had experience and was straight forward.

John and Marcy S.


Use Your Real Estate For Peace Of Mind.

We help investment real estate sellers achieve freedom through cash flow in the following ways:

Major tax deferment or elimination

Providing quick access to cash you need today

Securing monthly cashflow for decades

Eliminating landlord liability or expenses

Custom Marketing Plans

Get the help you need to market your home.

A customized marketing plan with massive exposure is the best way to get the right price for your home. Extant Investment’s listing expert will use one of our proven marketing packages to get and keep your property in front of buyers.

Since over 90% of buyers begin their search online, we make sure your online presence is strong and gets the attention it deserves. A few of our online marketing sites include, Craigslist, Zillow, Truila, Hot Pads, MLS online, Realty Trac, all area Real Estate Company websites. In addition, we employ a number of grass roots marketing techniques including multiple signs, area fliers, e-mail blasts to our buyers list, and open houses.

At Extant Investment, we make sure your home gets noticed, and gets sold for the best possible price. When it’s time to sell your home, get the value you deserve with the help of an Extant Investment professional REALTOR®.

Short Sales & Foreclosures

Turn your hardship into a smooth and discrete solution.

As Spokane’s #1 Short Sale agent for the past three years, you can trust in Kim Vinson’s experience and proven track record of helping distressed homeowners save their home from foreclosure and, in many cases, receive money at closing for doing so! The best part is, all her services are free to you!

Contact Kim today to discuss your rights and options you have as a homeowner. She can help turn your hardship into a smooth and discrete solution in which you may qualify for up to $10,000 at closing. Trust the expert and contact Kim Vinson today – time is of the essence!

Need to sell quickly?

Get an offer in 48 hours.

We can make an offer on your home within 48 hours. Please fill out the form below and we will make an offer within 48 hours of receiving all information on your property.

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Seller Financing

Defer paying tax bills to the government and instead keep those dollars for yourself.

We believe in creating selling solutions for sellers where they can defer paying tax bills to the government and instead keep those dollars for themselves making interest and a monthly income. We believe in creating win win scenarios that provide passive monthly income for the seller and active monthly income for the buyer. We believe in you using your asset to provide a monthly income for life. We are not just a buyer for your real estate, we are an investment income solution you can count on.

We have been buying multi-family real estate in the Spokane area for over 12 years. We know how to work with your attorney and accountant to make sure you are protected. We have a licensed property management company in house that currently manages our multi-family properties giving us the benefit of experience and expertise in running multi-family real estate, which all equals safety to the seller.

How It Works

Once “mutual acceptance” is reached verbally or with a Letter of Intent, the purchase and sale agreement is drawn up with a specific closing date, usually in less than 30 days. This is collectively the agreement and contract. Once approved by all parties, it is signed and sent to the closing attorney. You can ask the closing attorney any legal questions you need to regarding the transaction as they do not represent the buyer or seller but represent the deal. The closing attorney prepares all the legal documents to close and creates the loan agreement between buyer and seller.

What are the risks involved?

The risk is if the buyer defaulted on the note to the seller.

What is the end result?

The result would be the buyer could:

  1. Pay the seller back in full including all penalties and interest.
  2. Deed the property back to the seller with the seller owing the buyer nothing.

Although neither of these situations has ever happened for our company, it is important you understand what your options are in a worst case scenario.

How am I protected?

Your equity and investment are secured against the property with a Deed of Trust that is recorded at the county courthouse. The closing attorney also set’s up a 3rd party escrow account with Adept Escrow for us. Once the transaction is complete, every month Adept makes an auto withdrawal from our bank account, pays any underlying mortgages or fees for seller if applicable and sends the seller their check and monthly statement of detail.

That’s it. You just go to the mail box every month to retrieve your check and statement (or they can electronically send you funds if you prefer). You are also put on the insurance policy as an additional insured. This is very important because if something happens to the building you need to protect your money. Our insurance policies include “Income loss” which means if something happened and the building can’t be rented out, there is still monthly income to cover all expenses including the loan to the seller.


Freedom through cash flow.


Minimize taxes and maximize profits.
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