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We are committed to quality & excellence in every transaction.

About Extant

Extant Realty exists to help people build wealth with real estate and achieve freedom through cash flow. This philosophy covers a few key services we offer under the real estate investment umbrella.

For investors and buyers: We have devoted massive focus to systems that produce successful cash flow real estate investments.

For sellers: We have spent an enormous amount of time with our tax and legal professionals to develop an excellent option for making more money when selling your property!

Information is free and requires no commitments at all, so contact Extant – Your Real Estate Investment Experts today to see how we can help you accomplish your real estate objectives.

Our Mission

We aim to help our clients build wealth through real estate and freedom through cash flow.

Our History

Extant Realty is a real estate brokerage founded in February 2009 by Tyler Vinson. Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we provide real estate services and investment opportunities in the region. Our team leverages our extensive network, years of experience, and leading edge expertise with proprietary client systems we have developed, that enable us to provide consistently profitable results for our clients–even in today’s Real Estate Market.

Tyler Vinson - CEO Extant Realty

Tyler Vinson

CEO | Team Lead | Investment Expert

Tyler Vinson is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Extant Companies. He has been personally investing in real estate since 2001. Tyler became a Realtor in 2005 and founded Extant Realty in 2009, formalizing his real estate niche to serve real estate investors with a focus on cash flow investment properties and property management. Tyler graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, and a Minor in International Business. In addition to being an author and speaker, Tyler has expanded his service of real estate investments to include accredited opportunities to invest alongside him in apartment building acquisitions.

“At Extant Realty, we know that each and every investment we facilitate is a representation of our client’s financial goals and security. Extant Realty is founded upon this understanding, and we are committed to quality and excellence in every transaction we undertake.

When you do business with us, you will know that you are partnering with a company that is committed to your success. Our unwavering goal is to always make sure that every investment we broker provides a profitable and growing return for the clients we serve.”

-Tyler Vinson, CEO

Meet The Team

Lawrence Wilson

Investment Broker | Acquisition Specialist

Lawrence graduated from Central Valley High School in 2001, and has over 18 years of experience in the sales field. He has flipped homes, bought and sold investment real estate, and knows how it feels to be on either end of the transaction. This gives Lawrence an edge is the customer service department of real estate.

When asked what he enjoys most about the real estate industry, he replied: “The feeling that comes when you finally get to see the huge smile on someone’s face when they sign on the dotted line and accomplish the goal they set out to do. Whether that be an investment transaction or a personal home they bought or sold”.

Kevin McNett

Acquisition Manager | Apartment & Commercial Expert
Kevin has well over two decades of experience with investment and commercial real estate in the Pacific Northwest. Prior to joining the Extant Realty team, Kevin was a commercial appraiser for banks in the Pacific Northwest. He had a part in analyzing the financials and market conditions for apartment buildings and commercial properties. Now Kevin’s valuation expertise is an important part of the Extant Realty investment expert team by taking the guesswork out of investing.

Kim Vinson

Residential Expert | Short Sale Specialist
Kim Vinson is a licensed Broker and the Sales Manager for Extant Realty, specializing in residential properties up to 4 units. Licensed in Washington since 2007 Kim also has her Bachelor of Arts degree from Eastern Washington University and has been a Spokane resident most of her life. Kim’s expertise also includes first time home buyers, short sales, discount real estate, representing buyers and investment real estate. With extensive knowledge in every area of residential real estate she can truly help you with ALL of your real estate needs including out of the box and non-traditional transactions.

Gary Lewis

Residential Multi-Family Expert
Gary Lewis, a licensed broker for Extant Realty is a native of Spokane Valley and mainly focuses on properties in the Valley area. His primary projects include acquisition of cash flowing residential properties, short plat land Development and assisting investment buyers to acquire properties to add to their cash flow portfolio.

Rachel Vinson

Property Manager | Project Manager
Rachel runs a tight ship for our property management. Rachel is constantly developing our portfolio to minimize vacancies while maximizing revenue and cutting owner expense. Our property management division is designed by real estate investors, for real estate investors. Your properties will be treated like a business that will grow in profitability, and not just as a tax write-off. Rachel and her team understand that the best approach to maximizing value is to have a lot of experience in re-positioning apartment buildings.

Melanie Hill

Financial and HR Controller

Melanie has been a steadfast part of the Extant team for over eight years. She has an educational background in accounting, legal and finance. She continues to develop herself through ongoing advanced education. Melanie has a high level of organization which allows her to manage all the entity structure, and banking & business operations.

Mary Trowbridge

Property Management | Office Manager Assistant

Mary brings over a decade of property management experience to the Extant team. Her excellent administration skills help raise the tide for the entire team. Mary handles tenant relations and other key administrative activity.

Joel Harner

On-Site Construction Manager

Joel joined Extant Realty as a contractor in mid 2018, within less than a year we acquired his talents to manage our remodels, rehabs, and maintenance on a full-time basis as our Construction Manager. With a degree in Civil Engineering and over 18 years of construction experience, there is nothing Joel cannot handle on-site. When asked: What do you enjoy most about your job, Joel replied: “I really enjoy walking into a distressed unit and transforming it into a nice, livable space”.

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