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Extant Investment Real Estate Company is on a mission to build the best, most trusted platform for investment real estate and help people achieve freedom through cash flow.

Private Equity Deals

Private Equity and Investment is usually better than stocks or rental property.
Extant it has always been about building wealth with real estate and achieving freedom through cash flow. In the beginning Tyler Vinson, our CEO was buying small, multi-family buildings and single-family units. He has personally, successfully acquired more than 20 million dollars of real estate and counting! Out of this experience grew a passion to help other investors build wealth with real estate and achieve freedom through cash flow. Originally Extant only offered fixed monthly cash flow investments. These are indeed fantastic investments (see Private Investment below), however did not provide the same equity upside and tax benefits that Tyler himself was receiving from the real estate. That has changed! In recent years we have expanded our service to offer Private Equity deals where you invest in one of Tyler’s new investment projects right beside him! Now investors can invest in these performance-based investments and enjoy growing equity and tax benefits like depreciation along with cash flow!

With our Private Equity Deals

Investors will have the ability to participate in the benefits of ownership like:

  • cash flow
  • equity growth
  • tax benefits

While avoiding the downside of active ownership like:

  • tenants
  • toilets
  • rehabs
  • accounting
  • liability
  • responsibility to make sure it’s a successful venture

Together, we can do more.

In the past our CEO Tyler limited acquisitions to 1 or 2 investors per deal, and focused on smaller assets. Private equity deals allow us to acquire larger assets and quick reaction times to be first in line for the best deals that we find. The result is bigger buildings, returns and more opportunities!

We have an outstanding track record of finding great multi-family opportunities and significantly increasing the Net Operating Income (NOI), cash flow, and equity within those opportunities.

Our agenda:

  • Acquire investment grade real estate
  • Improve the profitability of the properties
  • Management of the property and investment
  • Report and consult on the investment
  • Legally minimize the tax obligation

Expanding in markets we love allows more potential for quality assets to place the funds. For the last handful of years, we have been researching the markets that we believe support our economic model and will experience sustainable growth.

These Pacific Northwest markets have the right job and population growth as well as attractive lifestyle amenities. For more information about the markets we are investing in click here!

Investing with Extant is an opportunity that brings experience, dialed-in management systems, and a proven track record. We have a full team of industry specialists and real estate investment experts guiding the way! We use trained brokers and property managers that specialize in investment real estate, to acquire and execute our investment deals.

To get started on this exciting investment journey together contact us today and join us as we build wealth with real estate and achieve freedom through cash flow.

Note: Some Private equity deals are only available to accredited investors.

Accredited investors, as defined by the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission, includes anyone who: earned income that exceeds $200,000 (or $300,000 together with a spouse) in each of the prior two years, and reasonably expects the same for the current year, or OR has a net worth of at least over $1 million, either alone or together with a spouse (excluding the value of the person’s primary residence).

If this is a wealth building path you would like more detailed information about, please fill out our contact form.

Private Investment

Private Investment has a focus on predictable monthly income secured by real estate.
Some call this “mailbox money”. You know exactly what your return on investment (ROI) is because it is a fixed return. This is a full-service private real estate investment and is our most popular service for real estate acquisitions under a million dollars! Your money is secured against the real estate, the Deed of Trust is recorded at the county courthouse, and you are named as an additional insured on the insurance policy. Try finding these returns of secured monthly cash flow anywhere else! Most of our Private Investments also include income loss protection in the insurance policy for extra security! Your checks or bank wire arrive every month rain, sleet, hail or snow… vacancy, rehab or windstorm as well for that matter! As a fixed investment you get paid regardless of performance and this allows investors to achieve freedom true through cash flow. Do fixed monthly cash flow real estate investments or “mailbox money” sound like it’s for you? Fill out our Private Investment Form and we will contact you with details of the fantastic returns!

Investment Real Estate Purchases

This is a specialized version of what other brokerages call “buyer agent services” or wholesalers call their “buyer’s list”.
Yes, we represent you (and the seller typically picks up the bill!) when you or you and your partners when you purchase investment real estate. Yes, we put you on our buyer’s list for off market deals. However at Extant Investment Real Estate Company you get a whole lot more! Our superior service is customized for the real estate investor. Our investment real estate experts are specially trained to find, analyze, and negotiate real estate transactions that meet your investment grade criteria. With customized property management plans, our brokers present a strategy that maximizes opportunities while avoiding pitfalls.

One of the most significant values our clients receive is knowledge of what return on investment (ROI) they should expect. We help you run all the numbers, including your project remodel, deferred maintenance, and unit turnover costs! In addition we will show you where you can increase the revenue of the property! Return on Investment (ROI) is often glazed over or calculated incorrectly. Extant Investment Real Estate Company believes understanding your position on the ROI is fundamental in successful real estate investing and building wealth with real estate. Are you interested in buying your own off market deals? Or would you like to have an investment real estate expert help you analyze and negotiate a piece of real estate you have your eye on? If so fill out the Investment Real Estate Purchase form and we will get to work for you right away! We may even have a deal we are looking at right now that is the perfect fit!

Property Management

Savvy real estate investors know that one of the most important positions you need on your team is the property manager. A great property manager can make or break your profitability on the investment properties you buy. Even more significant is your sustainability in the real estate investment game. Just ask anyone who used to be a “landlord” but doesn’t buy rental property anymore. 99.9% of the time they got burnt out or lost money because of how the property and tenants were managed. Don’t let this happen to you! Be a savvy real estate owner and hire a professional property manager. For details on our property management services click here! Or if you would like to talk to us about managing your investment real estate fill out our Property Management contact form and our property manager will contact you about increasing the performance of your real estate!
We look forward to helping you achieve freedom through cash flow! Fill out the form below to get in contact with one of our investment experts and receive our latest investment real estate news!

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