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As Spokane’s top short sale agent with the highest success rate around, you can have piece of mind knowing you are truly in the hands of the best! The best part is that my services do not cost you any money as the seller. Fill out the contact form below for a no obligation phone call consultation to help you understand ALL of your options. I will answer any questions you have and provide guidance on what may be best for you in your current position. Banks can be unreasonable and hard to work with, but I can work directly with your bank to take the pressure and stress off of you if you are behind on payments. Whether you are wanting to stay in your home or sell the property, I can help! Don’t let the mortgage company bully you around… take back control by contacting me today to help! Contact me today before it is too late!

Kim Vinson
Broker/Pre-Foreclosure Specialist   |   509-230-6252

We look forward to helping you achieve freedom through cash flow! Fill out the form below to get started!

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Freedom through cash flow.


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